What To Do If Your Utilities Have Been Shut Off

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If a utility, the phone, or the cable has been shut off, first call the company. There are many reasons why a service might have been disconnected:
  • You may not have received a bill in the mail. The company is discontinuing its service because you have not paid the bill. This might be the fault of the company or the mail, but either way the company does not excuse the mistake.

  • You may have just forgotten to pay the bill.

  • Your landlord may have not paid or shut them off - in which case go to this page for more information.

  • The company may be having problems with the service because of a natural disaster or other maintenance problem.

What To Do: If your utilities, phone, or cable bill has not been paid, you can:

  • Send a check in the mail immediately. You must then wait a few days for the check to travel in the mail and for your service to be reconnected.

  • Go to your local utility, phone, or cable company location and pay the bill in person. It may take a few days for your service to be reconnected.

  • Call the company right away and pay the bill over the phone with a credit card. It may take a few days for your service to be reconnected.

Either way, you will have to pay a reconnection fee in addition to the bill. So, try to remember to LOOK FOR A UTILITY BILL EVERY MONTH AND PAY IT ON TIME.

Reviewed August 2009