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Kentucky Justice Online is a free service that allows eligible Kentucky residents to post legal questions to pro bono attorneys.

Kentucky Justice Online is administered by The Legal Aid Network of Kentucky which comprises of the Legal Aid Society, Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, the Appalachian Research and Defense Fund and Kentucky Legal Aid. These legal service programs provide free legal representation to eligible clients with civil legal problems. They are independent, tax-exempt non-profit organizations that receive state funds and federal grants from the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), which provided the funding for this website. They also receive local support, including grants and donations.

How it works

This free service allows eligible Kentucky residents to post civil legal questions to pro bono attorneys. The programs do not provide assistance in criminal matters. Please note that expungement and domestic violence cases are not criminal matters.

If you are in a domestic violence situation, please be safe when using this service and note that computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear all history. Do not use this service, if the perpetrator has access to your computer or email.

To start this process, please click on “New User,” and complete the registration by answering a series of questions about you, your income, and your legal problem to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for this service. If you meet the initial eligibility requirements, you will complete the new user registration by creating a username and password.

To ask your legal question, “Log In” with your username and password and click on the “Ask a Question” tab at the top of the page. You must provide enough facts and information so the pro bono attorney can offer informed legal advice. The type of legal advice may include but is not limited to: help with developing a legal strategies and defenses; providing procedural information regarding filing a case, serving pleadings, preparing motions, guidance on handling mediation, negotiation, and/or litigation; advice on discovery process and assistance with drafting discovery responses; legal research; and advice about procedural or substantive issues for an appeal. This service is limited to legal advice and counsel; you will not be represented in court on your legal issue.

Once you ask your legal question, it will be posted on Kentucky Justice Online for 30 days. The Legal Aid Network of Kentucky cannot guarantee that a pro bono attorney will be able to answer your question or assist you in anyway. If you have a court date, we cannot guarantee that your question will receive an answer before your court date. Asking a legal question does not form an attorney-client relationship with the Legal Aid Network of Kentucky.

If a pro bono attorney is able to assist you, you will receive an email informing you that your question has been answered. You must sign in to read the answer. If the answer is not clear, you may ask follow-up questions. Once the attorney is finished assisting you, you will receive notification from Kentucky Justice Online that your question was closed. You also have the option of closing your question if it has been answered or you are no longer seeking assistance.

You may be asked to complete a survey telling the Legal Aid Network of Kentucky about your experience with Kentucky Justice Online. This is your opportunity to let us know whether this service was helpful to you.

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