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KY Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal advice clinic in which qualified users post civil legal questions at no cost to be answered by pro bono attorneys licensed in Kentucky. 

What kinds of legal problems does KY Free Legal Answers help with?

Question topics include Family, Divorce, Custody, Housing, Eviction, Homelessness, Consumer Rights, Financial, Work, Employment, Unemployment, Health and Disability, Civil Rights, Income Maintenance, Juvenile and Education Law. 

You can use this website IF all of these are true for you:

  • Your income is low for a family the size of yours;
  • The value of your checking account, savings account, stocks or bonds are low;
  • You aren't in jail or prison;
  • Your legal problem isn't related to a criminal charge;
  • You don’t already have a lawyer to help you with your legal problem; and
  • You are an adult.

To see if you qualify to use KY Free Legal Answers, go to: