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Handicap boy with walker

Kentucky is starting the renewal process to see if adults and children who get Kentucky Medicaid  or Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program (KCHIP) are still eligible for those benefits. The first renewal notices will be mailed out in April 2023. Not everyone will receive a notice at the same time.

To make sure your benefits are not stopped:

  • Update your contact information through the KYNECT self-service portal : or by calling the kynect hotline at 855-4kynect (855-459-6328).
  • Check your mail for a letter from Kentucky. You will get a letter about your Medicaid or KCHIP when it is your time to renew. This could happen anytime between April 2023 and March 2024. The letter will let you know if you need to complete a form or send in information to keep your benefits.
  • Complete and submit any forms asked for right away.

If you are notified that your Medicaid or KCHIP are going to be stopped, contact your local Legal Aid office right away.    Go here to find the legal aid office in your county: